Pioneering Optical Technologies: A Collaborative Update from openUC2 and FLIM Labs

Introduction In the dynamic field of fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM), openUC2 by FLIMLabs is at the forefront of innovation, forging a path toward accessible, advanced optical solutions. Our collaboration with FLIMLabs is redefining what’s possible in optical rapid prototyping, offering tailored solutions that address both high-end research requirements and grassroots educational needs.   Enhanced […]

Stories from the… Deutsches Museum

Students looking into the distance through telescopes built with the openUC2 Discovery Core set.

Tl;drEmbrace our journey at the Deutsches Museum where OpenUC2 lit up the world of technology. With our innovative exhibits in the Science Communication Lab, we unravelled the secrets of microscopy, stimulating curiosity among both seasoned experts and eager students. Echoing the museum’s commitment to continual evolution, our hands-on workshop proved a hit, highlighting the magic […]

openUC2 is Live!

5 years in the making. Now the time has come. We are making optics great again. And yes, it all started with the idea of creating a simple microscope for studying differentiating macrophages in a cell incubator. Adding additional features back then and the increasing interest from the research community made the UC2 system a […]