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Autonomous Stage Scanning

Open-source Acquisition, Control and Processing

Prescan CamEra, Multi-Channel Fluorescence, Objective Switcher, Nvidia Jetson Nano (R) computer


Enhance the functionality of your Scope

Community-driveN Software


Modular Microscopy Software


The adaptable System for your modular Idea

Have multiple microscopes side by side to maximise sample through-put



The INVESTIGATOR Line is designed to elevate your microscopy experience with a premium-quality microscope, equipped with an expansive suite of functionalities to kickstart your journey into the realm of intelligent microscopy. FiveD symbolizes the five adjustable dimensions, allowing you to freely navigate your samples in XYZ, and capture dynamic time-lapse imagery across various channels, including brightfield and widefield fluorescence. Its robust open interface ensures seamless integration with nearly any programming language, complemented by the Python interface within ImSwitch, which consolidates these features into an intuitive framework for responsive microscopy. Intrigued? Reach out to us!

A microscope with all the bells and whistles and beyond. Upddate and upgrade to your liking with openUC2 modules or custom open-source hardware.




  • 4x, NA=0.15 (FOV: 10mm, Res.: 2.3µm)
  • 10x, NA=0.3 (FOV: 4mm, Res.: 1.2µm)
  • 20x, NA=0.5 (Ph optional, FOV: 2mm, Res.: 0.8µm)
  • 60x, NA=0.8 (FOV: 1mm, Res.: 0.5µm)
  • 100x, NA=1.25 (oil, FOV: 0.5mm, Res.: 0.3µm)

Illumination (Configurable)

  • Bright, Oblique Illumination, Phase-contrast, Darkfield*
  • 488nm/635nm Single-Mode Dual-Laser (Fluorescence)
  • 488nm or 635nm Single Model Laser (Fluorescence)


  • 12 Mp, USB3.0, Sony IMX226
  • Optional: Prescan Camera

Stage (Configurable)

  • Option 1: +/-10mm, 0.3nm increment open-loop
  • Option 2: 60x80x10mm, 0.3nm increment open-loop
  • Option 3 (comming soon): 90x140x10mm, 0.3nm increment open-loop (opt.: 1.5µm closed-loop)


Adapt to your sample

Discover the latest innovation in microscopy with our new XYZ stage, designed to enhance flexibility for both your application and samples. Effortlessly accommodate standard well-plates, or utilize our customized sample adaptors for seamless integration of any sample holder.

Our microscope sets itself apart by keeping the optics fixed, allowing the sample to move within a stationary focus, offering a unique approach compared to traditional designs. This open-source architecture not only facilitates easy customization but also simplifies the incorporation of additional components like cell incubation chambers. 

The XY stage is powered by fastly moving stepper motors, achieving a resolution of ~0.3 µm, complemented by a magnetic encoder that ensures a control feedback loop as precise as 1µm. Moreover, the Z-axis benefits from a dual sub-micrometer precise linear translational stage mechanism, enabling smooth movement of the sample plate. Embrace unparalleled precision and adaptability with our innovative XYZ stage microscope, designed for advanced research needs.



The openUC2 XYZ stage detaches the optics from the sample


Customize your scope

The new modular: Hot-swappable optics to optimize the output of your experiments

The core identity of UC2 lies in its modularity, enabling rapid prototyping and tailored solutions for user-specific and application-specific challenges. This principle extends to the professional range of openUC2, albeit in a refreshed guise.

Compact, monolithic functional modules facilitate the adaptation of cameras for detection, lasers for fluorescence excitation, or autofocus modules for consistently sharp imaging. The hot-plug system allows for quick swapping of functional groups, with the kinematic connection ensuring reproducible, optically stable alignment.

Creativity knows no bounds. Enhance your FiveD’s capabilities with super-resolution, optical sectioning, or FLIM by designing your own module. The upcoming Module Developer Kit (MDK) is designed to seamlessly integrate your innovations into the optical engine, representing a significant advancement for open microscopy, science, and beyond. This open approach not only fosters innovation but also democratizes access to cutting-edge microscopy techniques, paving the way for groundbreaking discoveries across various fields of research.



There are many paths from the individual lens to the finished microscope.

After our tutorial ends, the adventure really begins. Explore your own environment by taking distributed samples and analyzing them, extend our basic kit with new components or develop your own modules. openUC2 is open-source! You can find all essential design files on Github and extend your existing system as you like. Challenge yourself and extend the toolbox to e.g. detect micro-plastic in drinking water and share it with the growing and very active community!

Quickly choose between different magnifications to get the big picture at small scales


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Interface for open workflow interaction

The FiveD microscope can be integrated into your existing workflow. The electronics enable wireless control via a PS4 game controller, USB-serial or Wifi-based interaction via the open-source UC2-REST interface that can be integrated into a variety of different programming languages (a Python API/package is provided as an example), an interactive touchscreen, and a fully supported ImSwitch version that can control the microscope. 

The microscope’s REST-API backend can be used directly to implement it as an adapter into an automated workflow including, for example, robotic arms, liquid handling robots or automated imaging pipelines. Curious? Contact us if you would like to learn more!


Smart Control

Fully integarted into ImSwitch

Open Microscopy standing on shoulders of (open) Giants in automated microscopy control

You want affordable autonomous microscopy?

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Discovery Line

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for electronics.

Contact us for a custom quotation.


The stage can load up to 4 slides at once and scans them in one go. ImSwitch offers multiple options to export the data for your workflow. Use it in Fiji, QuPath or your own libraries. 


2x mirrors (45°, front-surface). Change propagation direction of light to e.g. build compact setups


3x convex (2x 50mm, 1x 100mm), 1x concave (1x -50mm) lens 
Learn and understand basic ideas in imaging and combine them to build e.g. telescopes

RMS Mount

combination to image small samples and observe them e.g. by add

Sample Mount

Clip-based holder with which a specimen fixed on a carrier glass can be held in the beam path. 


observe samples with your smartphone