Pushing Cutting-Edge Microscopy using Robotic

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the “Microscopy Farm” R&D project by openUC2, as part of our “get started 2gether” initiative. This pioneering venture is set to revolutionize the field of microscopic imaging by developing a massively parallelizable microscopy platform, in close collaboration with INNOVENT e.V. Technologieentwicklung Jena. This initiative is not just […]

Empowering Science: OpenUC2’s Journey to Nigeria’s Biomedical Landscape at BioRTC

Around two years ago, the seeds of collaboration were sown when OpenUC2 embarked on a mission to introduce open-source microscopes to the BioRTC (Biotechnology Research Center). The idea was grand, but the path forward was uncertain. The initial discussions paved the way for what would become a transformative journey. The collaboration started modestly, with virtual […]